The Renaissance Connection
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About The Renaissance Connection

In the summer of 2000, the Education Department at the Allentown Art Museum began defining and developing an innovative Renaissance project designed to enhance the Pennsylvania middle school curriculum. Over a period of four years this kernel of an idea evolved into the Renaissance Connection, an interactive, educational website that uses the Museum's internationally recognized Samuel H. Kress Collection of Renaissance art as the foundation for teaching math, arts, science, language arts, and social studies. The connections between the visual arts and selected subject areas reveal that Renaissance innovations in many disciplines contributed to contemporary advancements.

The Renaissance Connection innovations are anchored on six core themes:

The Quest for Knowledge
The Arts and Architecture
Patrons and Lifestyles
Everyday Life
Trade and Exploration
Science and Technology

The web site includes thirty-seven digital images of artworks from the Museum's Samuel H. Kress and European art collections, lesson plans, interactive activities, a timeline and maps. The Renaissance Connection focuses on integrated learning using a highly interactive and engaging format design to capture the imagination of middle school students and teachers.

The Renaissance Connection supports the Allentown Art Museum's mission to stimulate active exploration of the arts and develop new audiences for the arts within the Lehigh Valley. Through the central activities of collection, preservation, study, exhibition, and interpretation of important works in the visual arts, the Allentown Art Museum fosters greater understanding of artists and their work.

Additionally the project supports the Education Department's philosophy to develop and promote programs that foster literacy in the arts, promote creative and critical thinking skills, make the Museum a transformative site for visitors of all ages, and work in partnership with other area community resources to cultivate appreciation and understanding of all art forms.

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